Carton Windows
The PSG Group is the UK’s leading privately owned window patching film supplier, converting film for both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The company employs some 50 personnel at the London site. One of the key points of focus for the business is operational efficiency. This is monitored on a daily basis through a bespoke operating system.
The management of the supply chain is an important area of business for PSG Group customers, and therefore it is an important area for PSG Group. Working closely with customers with regard to product usage and stock information, PSG Group is able to closely monitor stock levels of films, and via these methods puts itself in the best position to propose the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing solutions. The focus of supply chain management at PSG Group is via dedicated sales administrators: individuals dedicated to managing and monitoring customer accounts within the business. This person is able to develop a close working relationship with the customer.

PSG Group Ltd is accredited to BRC/IoP Global standard for packaging and packaging materials, now required for the manufacture of food packaging, operated in conjunction with ISO 9001-2008.